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Sputter targets are used for the deposition of thin film materials in diverse applications. From sputter targets for optical applications, to sputter targets for the hard disk drive industry, KPL Scientific Inc. offers precious metal targets in a variety of configurations. Evaporation Materials. Deployed in the metallization process for compound semiconductors, gold evaporation pellets are used to produce a gold bond pad for interconnects. KPL Scientific Inc. offers high-purity (99.999%) gold evaporation pellets and wire. Mill Products. Precious metal mill products have numerous applications; from rod, tubing and foil for aerospace applications and medical devices, to wire for spark plug applications. KPL Scientific Inc. offers these products in various metals and alloys. Thermocouple Wire. Precious metals and their alloys are used in some of the most reliable sensing materials for high-temperature applications. KPL Scientific Inc. offers Type R, S and B thermocouple wires in both standard and reference grades, all of which conform to ITS90 standards. Gold bonding wire.  Gold bonding wire is used predominately in the electronics industry. Fine gold wires, used for interconnects, are a critical component in the fabrication of semiconductor chips. Platinum for glass.  KPL Scientific Inc. offers wire, sheet, foil, tubing and spun crucibles for the glass and crystal growth industries. KPL Scientific Inc. offers one-piece spun crucibles for the melting of glass and the growth of single crystals. Iridium Crucibles. Iridium crucibles are used to grow single crystals in high-temperature applications. YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet; Y3 All5 O12), GGG (Gadolinium Gallium Garnet; Gd3 Ga5 O12) , Ruby (Al2, O3 + Cr2 O3) and Sapphire (Al2 O3), are some of the crystals grown in iridium crucibles. Iridium materials.  Iridium materials are used in various scientific, medical and industrial applications from fine wire for medical devices to rods and discs for aerospace applications. KPL Scientific Inc. offers a full range of these products.

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Whether you are looking for high-quality sputter targets, bonding wire, starter sources, rods, tubes, foil or any other specialty engineered product, KPL Scientific Inc. has what you need. We provide these and other specialized materials in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and iridium. KPL Scientific Inc. also offers standard alloys utilizing these materials. Special alloys are also available upon request.

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